Displaced Workers

Service Contract Act (SCA/SCLS) employees are unique, in that when a contractor gets a new SCA/SCLS job, the contract often brings with it an inherited set of new employees. For the inherited worker, life may not initially change much: on Friday worked for Company A, on Monday working for Company B. The only noticeable difference may be the name of who signs the paycheck.

How does the contractor truly make these inherited workers part of their company? How does the worker know what is expected by their new employer? And how does the contractor show to the Contracting Officer their ducks are in a row?

WorkerServices is a tool that government contractors can use in their onboarding process for these newly inherited SCA/SLCS employees. This is especially beneficial for contracts in a new geographic location. Through WorkerServices, companies can post:

WorkerServices is a communication tool that spans distances when face to face just isn’t possible.