Government contracts are unique, and subject to rules, regulations, and requirements not typically found on private contracts.

For instance, Service Contract Act (SCA / SCLS) contracts have a required minimum wage, plus Health & Welfare, Vacation, and Holiday schedule requirements. Contract employees can be inherited, which makes their relationship with the employer, and their mindset about the job itself, different from other employees. Davis Bacon Act (DBA / DBRA) contracts have a required wage and fringe component that differs significantly from SCA /SCLS contracts. Certified payroll reports are required, and every hour stands on its own.

The processes put in place to manage various contract requirements are paramount to success in the government arena. Performance, the handling of subs, and communication with the Contracting Officer will determine future contracting opportunities. WorkerServices is a tool that government contractors can use in the administration of these company processes.

Some of the items that have been posted for access on WorkerServices include:

WorkerServices is a communication tool that spans distances when face to face isn’t possible, with the flexibility to allow each company to use as it best sees fit.