WorkerServices is a service owned and offered by Advantage Resource that provides a secure online platform for the storage and transmission of data between a company and its employees. Documentation related to company policy and procedure, company safety and other OSHA programs, forms related to a company’s Pension Plan, and company Insurance policy documents can all be stored with WorkerServices.

At WorkerServices, we understand the unique problems presented by having a non-collocated workforce. What makes WorkerServices a valuable communication resource for a company and its employees?

  • Compliance. We provide Employer Notification Compliance Assistance with the Affordable Care Act, 401(k) Pension Plans, OSHA regulations, and Prevailing Wage statutes (state and federal).
  • Administrative workload. We reduce administrative workload in the office by providing a secure online platform for the storage and transmission of employee forms, documents, time sheets, drawings, and other various file types.
  • Reference. We serve as a knowledgeable and reliable reference for questions. We provide a direct, logical, common sense answer to your question with appropriate supporting documentation.